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How To Hide Pinterest Images in Squarespace

Pinterest Management, PinterestBrie Goumaz8 Comments

If you know anything about Pinterest then you understand that you want to be able to pin multiple images per post your write. Although you have the capability of pinning separate images on Pinterest itself, it is nice to give your readers multiple options when they opt to share your post.

You see in the two pins here, I am directing my readers to the same post however each pin has different text on the graphic which will appeal to different readers.

How to grow your website pageviews through Pinterest.

Although I do recommend having at least one pin image on your blog post for readers to easily repin, you may not want to have 5 large images floating around on your post. With Wordpress you are able to save your images within the actual site and it is a little easier to save them within your site. For Squarespace, I personally use an additional site to store my images I want to hide.


So the first step is to set up an account at Imgur. It's super quick and easy, plus relatively painless. Once you have added the image you want to pin, click on the image and find the link for "HTML". Command C or right click the link and copy it.

How to hide Pinterest Images inside Squarespace.


Hiding Your Image Inside Squarespace

Now you need to insert your image into your Squarespace blog post. To do so, you need to create a "code block".  To do so you need to insert a block like you normally would.

How to hide Pinterest images in your squarespace blog

Then scroll all the way down to "more" and select "code".

How to hide Pinterest images in your squarespace blog.

Once you have the block open, you need to insert the code to hide the image and then the code that links back to your image you want to be able to pin.

Here is what the code will look like:

<div style= "display:none;"><a href="https://imgur.com/PhOmXQO"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/PhOmXQO.png" title="Increase your pageviews by optimizing your Pinterest Profile" /></a></div>

To make it direct to your picture instead of mine, insert your picture code that we referenced earlier from Imugr and insert it in between the two sets of code.

<div style= "display:none;">INSERT YOUR PICTURE CODE HERE</div>



How to hide images in blog posts

Share Your Image

Then Viola! You should be able to click on your share button and your hidden image will show up among multiple others for your readers to share.

How to hide an image in squarespace

Now something I personally ran into, was even when I hid my images Pinterest still only allowed me to pin the featured image. I found that by installing Sumo onto my website I then had the option to pin multiple images.

Sumo is also great as it provides an easy way to add a share bar to your Squarespace website and allows your readers to easily share your post without searching for the share button at the bottom of your page.

Learn more about Sumo here.

How to hide images inside your blog post

I hope this was helpful. Please let me know below if you have any questions!



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