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How to make a click worthy Pinterest Graphic

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If you haven't heard, Pinterest is a fantastic way to increase your web traffic and grow your sales. To get started you should have a Pinterest business account, you should optimize your Pinterest, and begin to create pins that link back to your website.

Now to ideally utilize Pinterest you will have two things: a blog or product pages. Each pin you create will link back to an individual blog post or an individual product. Each blog post or product has it's own information that will show up on the Pinterest pin which then attracts the client to click through to your page.

The trick is having a click worthy pin. A graphic so appealing to your customers with just the right wording that your ideal client cannot help but click through to read more or to even purchase your product. Below are the steps to help you get that perfect Pinterest Pin.

Where to Create a Pinterest Pin

Your first step in creating your pin is heading over to Canva or PicMonkey. These are two great platforms that make it super easy to create a Pinterest pin. You can also use more professional programs but these two get the job done and make it simple for those of us who aren't designers. I am going to walk you through Canva but PicMonkey is fairly similar.

Inside Canva you will see the following options. For a basic Pinterest Pin their premade dimensions will work just fine.

Pinterest Graphic Size

Pinterest Pin Size

The ideal Pinterest size is 735x1102 but as Pinterest has grown new sizes of pins are being introduced. There are now longer pins which are great for capturing viewers attention. A few sizes to play with are: 735x1692, 735x2400, or even try a skinnier pin at 564x1692. Really you can play around with these sizes and see which pins your audience responds to most. This being said I don't recommend going ANY smaller than 735x1102. Most often I will not repin any graphics that are not optimized for Pinterest.

If you do want to create a longer pin then head to the left hand corner where you see "custom dimensions" and put in the dimensions you want to use.

Canva Pinterest Pin

How to design a Pinterest Pin

Here is where it gets a bit trickier. When designing your Pinterest Pin you want to keep a few things in mind in reference to your Brand such as:

  • Branding
    • Brand Colors
    • Brand Fonts

Your Pinterest graphics should all have a similar look and feel. You don't want them all to be identical but most of your graphics should be identifiable to your audience. The best way to do this is make sure you have set up your brand colors and fonts and try to stick with them when creating graphics.

If the idea of this has you completely overwhelmed don't fret, Canva and PicMonkey have pre-made templates available for use (some are even free!).

Canva pictures

This being said you can still create your own graphic without the use of premade templates. The first thing you will need is a great call to action.

Create compelling call to actions

If you want people to click on your pins you have to tell them why. If your pins do not have words then how will they know why they should click through to read or see more? I often see people only adding pictures of a place or item on their pins. Although a pin can be successful without wording, for a truly great pin that has the ability to go viral, you need compelling writing.

So when you are thinking about what words to put on your pins consider these steps:

  • What question are you answering?
  • What problem are you solving?
  • What benefit do they get from reading your post or seeing your product?
  • What are you asking them to do?

For example, if I wrote a post about building an email list:

  • What question are you answering?
    • How to build an email list
  • What problem are you solving?
    • How to grow your community 
  • What benefit do they get from reading your post or seeing your product?
    • Learn how to increase sales 
  • What are you asking them to do?
    • Read about growing their email list 

Now after answering these questions you can easily see I have found a few great ways to explain what my post is all about. The next step is adding adjectives which help make my graphic much more compelling to the reader. I will take the first phrase as an example:

"How to build an email list"

Here you see I have described what the post is all about. However I have not described what makes my post about building an email list so special. The email list is not just any email list it's a large email list full of engaged readers. So that being the case I might change the wording to:

"How to build a large community with an engaged email list"

I have now given the reader several reasons to click through to my post. Play around with the other words you have created and see what kind of pins you can come up with.

Now to insert the call to action you simply click on one of the text below and then fill in the appropriate wording. Make sure to apply your font style now!

Canva Screenshot

How to pick a background for your pin

The background of your pin should be on brand (What are the main colors of your brand and what feeling are you trying to invoke with your brand?). This can be used with several different options. 

Plain Background

To do this you simply need to add a color to the photo. To do this you click on "Background" and choose your color from there. 

Canva for Pinterest
Canva Pinterest Screenshot

Stock Photo or personal photo

 A styled photo can be great to help grab your readers attention and add some flair to your pin. Make sure if you do use a stock photo that it is completely free and you are allowed to use it. Canva has a few free photos, as well as pexels.com or unsplash.com. Again just make sure you consider your photo and the feeling you are trying to invoke, you don't want a depressing photo on a blog post that should bring your readers hope or joy.

Canva for Pinterest
Screen shot of canva

Now there are a few tricks to make your text stand out against the brighter picture. 

Text Overlay

One option is to add an color overlay underneath the text and above the picture. 

First, add an appropriate shape to your graphic. I usually go with a square and tweak it as necessary to fit the picture.

Canva Pinterest Pin

As you can see the box immediately pops up in my branding color (Paid version) and is in front of my text. To fix this you simply click on the "arrange" button until you have your box behind the text. Then change your color to a color better suited for the picture. The last step is to change the opacity on the shape. 

To do this simply click "Transparency" and use the slider to see how see through you want your shape. 

Canva Pinterest Pin

Picture transparency

Another super easy method to spicing up your picture without much work is to change the opacity on the actual picture rather than adding a text box. This is similar to the above step but instead you simply click on the picture and change the transparency to a more appropriate level.  


So now you have at least two versions of this pin to share with your readers. 

So tell me, do you think you can now make a click-worth Pinterest graphic? 

Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Don't forget, I offer free Pinterest Templates here 👇🏼

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How to create a Pinterest Pin Image
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