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How To Use Pinterest Group Boards To Increase Blog Traffic

Brie Goumaz2 Comments

Pinterest group boards, you have probably seen them by now and are possibly apart of a few (or maybe a ton). The question is, are you actually using them properly? I have seen many people using them to post others pins or they only sparingly use the boards when they remember to post. This is not good for the board you are in nor is it a good strategy to grow your account. So in this post, I am going to cover what group boards are, why you should use them, and HOW you should be using them. 

What are Pinterest Group Boards? 

Pinterest Group Boards are a board that one Pinterest user has decided to make open to other pinners.  These pinners are allowed to post pins inside of this dedicated group board. Usually, each board is specific to a certain niche, meaning you would only want to post the kinds of pins that are relevant to the Boards Niche.

For example a board on blogging: I would post any of my pins that are related to blogging, how to blog, how to make money blogging etc. What you WOULDN'T post would be anything unrelated to "how to blog" like for instance your post on how to make a cherry pie or that crazy drunken night in Munich.

If you cannot follow these rules then you will be quickly kicked off the board. This allows for one board to have many different people's pins but within the same niche which is a great resource for everyone. 

Below you can see that the board "North America Travels" is a group board due to the circle in the corner of the board which has pictures of multiple pinners.

How To Use Pinterest Group Boards

Why You Should Be Using Group Boards

We discussed that each group board often has a specific niche or a type of pin you are allowed to put inside the group. This means that bloggers many with different followers could possibly be repinning your pins and sharing it with their followers. So when someone decides to repin your pin, all of their followers have the possibility of seeing it inside their feed without first searching for it.

The more often your pins are repinned the more likely it is to move up in the feed when someone decides to organically search for it.

How to use group boards

Now, this is a bigger topic of concern as I often see people using group boards incorrectly. Or at least they are not using them to their fullest extent. Here a few guidelines for how to get the absolute most out of your group boards and in turn increase your own blog traffic. 

Follow The Rules

As we discussed, each group board has its own set of rules. To ensure you don't get kicked out of an amazing group board, read and follow those rules! Some boards only allow a certain number of pins per day per person, often there is a number of repins you should be making of others pins, and it can even get more specific and not allow affiliate posts or pins with quotes as the graphics. 

For example, you can see how to join and the rules I have listed on my group board. 

How to use Pinterest Group boards to group your blog

Scheduling Your Content

To have a fully optimized Pinterest, you should be scheduling your own pins and others pins EVERY SINGLE DAY. Pinterest needs love just like other platforms and you must give it care every day. Since no one wants to be pinning 30 plus pins every day, I highly recommend using Tailwind or Board Booster. Both of these are great platforms and I will go into them later in another post on the differences. Now as you are scheduling, you should be scheduling both your pins and others.

Pinning others Content

Every day it is recommended to schedule between 30-100 pins a day. If you are newer or just beginning to pin I recommend 30-50 pins per day. The ratios vary among experts but I would play with the following ratios 50/50 or 80% your content/20% others. Even if at a minimum you are only pinning 180 pins from other people that can be quite the task. Group boards alleviate some of this pressure. 

I will often pick 3-5 boards I will be pinning to that month and start scheduling. This makes it much easier to find specific pins and schedule them quickly. For instance, if I am scheduling to a board all about blogging, then I can easily find tons of great pins on the group board I joined that only allows pins about "Blogging Professionals". 

Not only is this great for me as I can quickly schedule my content and find trusted pinners easily, it is also great for the group board. The more that I pin of others content, the more likely they will pin of mine and the group board will be more successful.

Pinning Your Content

Now, this is the part where I often see others making mistakes. Group boards are an amazing opportunity for you to share YOUR content with other pinners in your niche. Too often I see people sharing pins that are not theirs. It's not against the rules but since you are often limited to a certain number of pins per day, your content should be the #1 priority. 

The second mistake I often see is pinners randomly pinning their content on group boards. If you are not automating your pins, again I HIGHLY RECOMMEND beginning to schedule your pins via board booster or tailwind. You can easily schedule your content to go on onto these groups boards at peak times every single day by only scheduling it once. Each group board I am in often gets 3 of my own pins scheduled to it each day. It is way too easy and can grow your traffic by leaps and bounds to ignore. 

Group boards are an amazing opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and grow each others brands. If you are not yet apart of any group boards my first suggestion is to check out pingroupie.com and see if there are any group boards in your niche. Another great suggestion is to find other pinners in your niche and see what group boards they are in and check out the description. The descriptions will often tell you if they are accepting contributors and how to join. 

If you are looking for some group boards I have a few I personally manage for myself or for clients. Feel free to email me to join!

North America Travel Related Group Board

Farmhouse Furniture and Home Decor

A quick recap on how to use group boards:

  • Find group boards that are relevant to your niche and request to join.
  • Schedule appropriate content onto these group boards, usually 3- 5 of your own pins per day.
  • Then use those same boards to schedule content for the upcoming month. 

I hope this helps you understand group boards and their benefits! Please let me know any questions or comments you may have below!

*Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commision if you click through to purchase. 


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Why Pinterest Group Boards will help grow your business
How to use group boards to grow your blog
How to use group boards to grow your blog
How to use group boards to grow your blog