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Pinterest Scheduler: Is Board Booster Banned?

Brie GoumazComment

If you have been keeping up to date with scheduler you know that Board Booster is a top scheduler next to Tailwind. It has an easy to use interface where you can set it and forget it. 

*Updated - as of June 27th, 2018, Board Booster has shut down*

The bad news is, it's not an approved third party platform on Pinterest. For most of us we have continued to use it assuming as long as we were not spamming Pinterest, we were in the clear. 

Unfortunately last week Pinterest sent out an email letting us know that it's users are to ONLY use APPROVED third-party platforms. Most us began to chat, wondering if this meant we needed to say goodbye to our trusty friend Board Booster. 

Well, yesterday Pinterest decided it would no longer keep us guessing, if you were using or are currently using Board Booster, chances are you received an email from Pinterest explicitly calling out the use of Board Booster. If you continue to use Board Booster Pinterest is claiming they will Terminate your account.

As much as you may love the scheduler, it is not worth your account.

What now? 

So if you are using Board Booster, what are your next steps?

👉🏼Pause or terminate your Board Booster account TODAY. I personally am only pausing accounts for myself and clients as it's always possible that BB will be able to create a secure API and become an approved third-party platform.

👉🏼 Change your Pinterest password. Pinterest insisted on this so I would not wait to do so.

👉🏼Get on Tailwind! I absolutely love tailwind and have seen huge growth since using it for my clients.

How do I use Tailwind? 

Tailwind is a super easy to use platform that I highly recommend to everyone looking to grow their business through Pinterest.  I use it for all my clients and have seen growth since I started using it for their accounts. 

To begin scheduling there are a few steps you need to take in order to make your life a bit simpler. 

1) Sign up! If you sign up here you will receive $15 off your paid membership! I recommend purchasing the year plan so you receive unlimited pins and 4 months off your total!

2) Add the tailwind extension to your browser. Trust me, you want this, you will see further down why it is sooo helpful when scheduling for your month ahead. 

Here are the instructions for the browsers tailwind supports: 




3) Alright, now we need to set up a schedule. How many pins do you want to pin per day? Tailwind smart feed allows you to choose how many pins on average you want to pin per day and they will automatically pick times for you that are optimized for better viewing. 

The first thing you need to do is go to the right-hand side of your screen. Hover your mouse there and you should see a panel pop up. Click on "Your Schedule". Then on the right side of the screen you will see "Generate new smart schedule". 

Then simply enter how many pins you want to schedule per day. I recommend about 30 per day with a 50/50 mix of your pins and others pins.

Tailwind Schedule Instructions
Tailwind Smart schedule
Tailwind schedule process


Let's get to pinning!

Time to fill up your feed! There are several ways to fill up your feed when you are looking for others content. The two ways I use consistently is through group boards and Tailwind Tribes. I will go in more depth on how to find Tailwind tribes and use Tailwind tribes in other posts. For now I will show you how to pin directly from Pinterest using the Tailwind extension. 

Now head to one of your group boards, let's assume you are in marketing. I am going to head to my group board on Pinterest and see what pins are current in the feed today. 

Pro tip: When you are looking at the group board scroll down as far as possible to get more pins on the tailwind extension. 

Step 1: Go to the left hand side of your browser. Next to the URL you should see the tailwind logo. Click on that logo.  

Tailwind Extension

Step 2: Now you will see that Tailwind has taken these pins and is allowing you to choose which ones you want to schedule. Don't be afraid to do a mass amount at a time, this is the benefit of the Tailwind extension! Once you have choosen your pins click "go schedule". 

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 5.22.32 PM.png

Step 3: Choose where you want your pins to go! When pinning others content I do not pick multiple boards. Pinterest likes fresh pins so try not to schedule a pin you have already pinned before unless it is your own! If you are able to pick pins that all belong on one board you simply put the board up top and it will apply to every single pin. 

Pro Tip: Not everyone is a pro pinner like you. Make sure each pins has long tail keywords to ensure it's success. Others success is your success on Pinterest! Confused? Check on my post on how to optimize your profile.

Tailwind scheduling tool

Pinning Your Content 

Now here is the part I often hear people get confused about. Board Booster it was pretty easy to keep your content repinned on others boards. With Tailwind you simply need to apply the same process but to your own content. 

Now let's assume you have tons of pins in your personal board. Let's head to your board and grab all your old pins so we can get them back out into the Pinterest world. 

Apply the same steps above but simply go to your own personal board that is meant for your pins ONLY. Click on every pin you would like to send to new boards and meet me inside tailwind. 

Add every group board and personal board that you find your pin (or pins) to be relevant to. Now you should have multiple boards that your pins can be spread out to, but we don't want it to be shared all at once. 

Tailwind scheduling tips

This is where "Use Interval" comes in handy. This allows you to spread out your pins by days or months and even to optimize the time. I don't have a magical number for how long to spread out the interval. Honestly it depends on so many factors such as the boards you are pinning them on, is the blog post time sensitive- as in it's a Christmas post and you need it to go out before it's January, or how many pins you pin per day. 

So what I will say is spread it out so when I look at your page, I don't see the same 5 pins all in a row and at least separate them by a few days if you can. 

Pinterest is all about finding a strategy that works for YOU and YOUR content. 

I know it can be frustrating to lose a tool that helped you in your business. However this doesn't have to be a painful process. Tailwind is super easy to use and also has amazing analytic tools that have helped me grow my clients accounts. 

Ready to join Tailwind? Click here to get your $15 credit now!

Still feeling overwhelmed? I can help! I offer one-on-one strategy calls to help you develop a Pinterest plan or don't want to do it yourself? I can completely take over!

Schedule a complimentary call today!


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